Successful work party and other garden news

We had our first work party in the garden yesterday, and 23 people–students and their families, teachers, and community members–braved the cold to help. We moved plants, built an arc of (at least temporary) classroom seating with some of the log rounds, and piled the rest of the rounds in the middle for now.  We’ll keep some of … More Successful work party and other garden news

Inspiration from the Beacon Food Forest

The Beacon Food Forest, on Beacon Hill just a short drive across the West Seattle Bridge, is worth a visit and provides inspiration for our learning garden. On the hillside west of Jefferson Park, the Beacon Food Forest is an “edible forest garden” full of vegetables, herbs, fruit, and berries free to be foraged and harvested by the public. When I was there … More Inspiration from the Beacon Food Forest

Log rounds

Has your student looked closely at those beautiful log rounds in the NE garden lately? They’re of course pretty, a nice place to sit, and fun to climb on (though slippery right now, so be careful), but are also growing some varied and prolific fungi at the moment. Your budding mycologist might enjoy taking a look. Some of … More Log rounds

Next steps?

What’s next in greening our schoolyard?  Starting work in the garden! After a few presentations and meetings over the past couple of weeks, we have a green light from the school and district to move ahead with garden improvements. Teachers are excited, school leadership is supportive, and the district is behind us as long as … More Next steps?

Garden design

I’ve just posted the design being proposed to rejuvenate a Gatewood learning garden / outdoor classroom, lovingly developed by the permaculture design team.  Take a closer look!

Different Strokes

How do your kids roll during recess? My three kids are very different people who use their free time in different ways. During school recess, one would choose to hang with friends and play imaginative games, one would sometimes opt for taking a quiet break by herself, and one is all about burning off the energy with kinetic play and ball games. … More Different Strokes