Shedding some light on a winter garden

Gatewood students aren’t letting the cold weather keep them from learning in (and from) the garden.  Here is some recent news, from our teacher and garden coordinator Jeannie Revello: Students are observing winter vegetable crops including several types of kale, swiss chard and spinach withstand the frost. They love to taste parsley and arugula, and … More Shedding some light on a winter garden

Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme

Here is some fall news from garden coordinator Jeannie Revello and other teachers: Cottage and Gatewood students have been enjoying the learning garden daily this fall.  Students look forward to “outside science” days, where they have a diverse environment for observing, taking notes, taking care of plants and working together. Students have observed the plants’ … More Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme

Autumn in the garden

It’s been awhile since we’ve posted about our school garden, so let’s catch up a bit. The seeds and starts planted by students in the spring survived and thrived through the summer months.  Many thanks to Cottage School staff and students who watered on weekdays and families who signed up to water over the weekends! … More Autumn in the garden

Hands in the dirt, flowers in the salad, and a garden grant

It’s been gratifying to see students in the garden over the past month planting seeds and starts.  The after-school gardening club is in full swing, teachers are planting with their students, and the space is being used broadly as an outdoor classroom.   School Learning Garden Network meeting Gatewood hosted the spring School Learning Garden … More Hands in the dirt, flowers in the salad, and a garden grant