Shedding some light on a winter garden

Gatewood students aren’t letting the cold weather keep them from learning in (and from) the garden.  Here is some recent news, from our teacher and garden coordinator Jeannie Revello:

  • Students are observing winter vegetable crops including several types of kale, swiss chard and spinach withstand the frost. They love to taste parsley and arugula, and wonder that pansies and sweet peas keep blooming despite the cool weather and short days. They conclude that there must still be pollinators visiting the garden.
  • Worms are always a highlight.  As more soil becomes visible, we can observe worm burrows and castings, adding air space and nutrients to the soil.
  • On a warm day in November, we planted some seeds to protect the soil from winter rains–“cover crops” of crimson clover and rye. It’s exciting to see that the seeds have mostly germinated and are using what little sun they get to slowly but surely photosynthesize and create a green layer of protection over bare soil.
  • In the photos, you can see our scientists using science notebooks and hand lenses to collect data and record observations with illustrations, which are later used to prompt scientific writing.


  • A committee of Gatewood’s newly-formed Green Team, working with Ms. Klein, is excited to design and install a native plant area in the learning garden. Students are busy researching plants and may call for a work party in the new year to help with planting day. Stay tuned.

And finally, our garden shed will be installed next week and we’re having a work party this Saturday, 12/16 at 10am, to build a gravel pad in preparation.  We’ll hope to see you there!

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