Ready for playfield improvements

The good news has been posted elsewhere in the past couple of months, but to celebrate here as well:  in August we were awarded a $100,000 Neighborhood Matching Fund grant to implement playfield improvements!

All of our hard work in the past year–to design improved and more diverse play spaces in our current playfield and to seek funding for implementation–paid off.  Thank you to the Department of Neighborhoods’ Matching Fund program, for both the Small Sparks grant that helped us complete our design in the spring and this new funding to make it a reality.

More than 240 people–most of them volunteers from Cornerstone Church–came to the school in July to help spruce up the playground and got us started with shaping and mulching the natural areas in our design.

The project’s volunteer leadership committee is now working with the school, district, Department of Neighborhoods, and landscape architect on permitting and hiring a contractor for the bulk of the work.  They will be kicking off a campaign soon to raise additional funds so the full design can be completed in the coming year.  Stay tuned for more details to come, but if you’re ready to donate now, you can do so HERE.

Here are links to previous posts about community priorities and design of the playfield, and the most current design will be posted soon.  To summarize here again, improvements include:

  • a high-quality grass playing field and new irrigation
  • a new loop for running, walking and biking
  • nature-inspired play spaces with logs, boulders and native plants
  • new accessible area with a “gator” play sculpture
  • trees to provide much-needed shade




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