Autumn in the garden

It’s been awhile since we’ve posted about our school garden, so let’s catch up a bit.

The seeds and starts planted by students in the spring survived and thrived through the summer months.  Many thanks to Cottage School staff and students who watered on weekdays and families who signed up to water over the weekends!

Gatewood teacher Jeannie Revello, who is also now our official garden coordinator, has been actively connecting teachers and classrooms to what’s happening in the garden, e.g. what students might observe as the seasons change and what’s ripe and available for harvest.  Jeannie will be keeping us updated throughout the year about what’s going on in the garden.

With the Lowe’s Toolbox for Education grant we were awarded in the spring, we are in the process of ordering a garden shed to be installed this fall. The shed will provide convenient storage for garden tools, a roof for water catchment, and a white board inside the door that can be used in classroom lessons.  The school district requires the shed to be small (6’x6′ in our case) so it’s easier to keep organized and clean inside. But even a 6’x6′ roof can catch over 800 gallons of water a year in Seattle.  We’ll work on that piece once the shed is in place, hopefully with students directly involved for some hands-on learning about water conservation.





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