February garden update

First the snow fell, now the rain pours down, but flowers are starting to bloom and spring is in the air!  Right?  So it’s high time for a learning garden update:

  • Raised beds. We finalized a basic design for the raised beds and are pricing lumber and other supplies.  Teachers Mr. Revello and Mr. Gaynor and I made a first attempt at building a prototype bed this past weekend.  Since we’d made it difficult on ourselves by designing a circle of trapezoid-shaped beds (they’ll be pretty when they’re in!), we’re fussing with the angles and will need another session to get the first bed built. Once that’s done, we’ll figure how to cut the rest of the lumber and prepare for a work party.
  • Log rounds. We’ve saved some of the nicer log rounds for student seating and tabletops, have carted some off as yard waste, and have split others that we can use in some of our raised beds if we decide to experiment with hugelkultur. See here for a related post.
  • Native plant garden. A member of the permaculture design team is donating some plants for our native plant garden from her property on the Olympic Peninsula, including Oregon grape, salal, elderberry and fern.
  • Tools. We’re buying new hand tools and garden gloves for students so they’ll be ready to dig in the dirt.
  • After-school gardening club. Tilth Alliance is confirmed to staff an after-school gardening club in the spring.
  • Field trips. We’re working to coordinate field trips for three classrooms to the Beacon Food Forest in late spring. For the fourth grade classrooms, this will dovetail with their food chemistry science unit.
  • School Learning Garden Network. This weekend we’ll be attending the winter workshop of the Seattle Schools Learning Garden Network and will bring back what we learn. Anyone can sign up to be on the Network’s mailing list, so join in the conversation if you’re interested.
  • Signs of spring! Bulbs that went undetected as we cleared out the garden space in December are showing their resilience:


And just a note that we’re making slow but steady progress toward playground improvements. We will have an update on that next week.




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