Successful work party and other garden news

We had our first work party in the garden yesterday, and 23 people–students and their families, teachers, and community members–braved the cold to help.

We moved plants, built an arc of (at least temporary) classroom seating with some of the log rounds, and piled the rest of the rounds in the middle for now.  We’ll keep some of the larger rounds for tabletops and other seating in the garden and will chip the rest for pathways. We will try to make this happen as soon as possible, but in the meantime, let’s be sure to keep our kids off of those loose rounds for safety. And if you care to keep your kids clean after school and they like to play there, be aware of the mud!

img_20161204_135101348_hdr img_20161204_152825259 img_20161204_163021140

Other garden updates:

  • Funding.  We learned that we raised $1200 at our Endolyne Joe’s fundraiser on November 7.  Thank you to everyone who came and ate to rejuvenate our garden, and thank you to Endolyne Joe’s for their generous support!
  • Water.  We have approval from our Building Leadership Team for the school to share the cost of installing a hose bib with the PTA, so we’ll soon have water access restored to the garden.

3 thoughts on “Successful work party and other garden news

  1. It was so fun to be part of breaking ground, and creative re-use of the materials that are on-site! As we set the log rounds, we got to work through the process of sorting the logs by size, measuring for level with stakes and string, and doing some basic math to determine the right order of the log rounds for our design. Even if the log round arc gets taken down, I’m confident that we started the right foundation of doing work that involves sweat equity, educational opportunities, and community building. Thanks for your leadership, Sandy!


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