Where does our garden grow?

To date, Gatewood’s gardening areas have been dispersed around the grounds, with raised beds at the south entry and an in-ground garden in the northeast corner of the property.  A native plant garden proposed in our last master plan was to be located by the gym at the top of the playground.

The school district, though, suggests concentrating gardens in one area, for ease and likelihood of maintenance.  They also suggest against gardens at a school’s entry, as they can become unattractive to the neighbors if not well-kept. (I guess we got a special dispensation on that latter point!)

Talking with teachers and administration, it seems to make the most sense to concentrate Gatewood garden activities and resources in the northeast corner–away from the playground, close to classrooms, and where we’re most likely to see, enjoy, and maintain it.  With car and foot traffic passing by this space on a regular basis, and with families picking up their children nearby, this garden space is in a prime location for sparking more interest and involvement from our community as we make improvements.

Of course, the northeast corner poses some interesting challenges–and opportunities–that we can talk about in future posts!

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